Friday, September 2, 2016

Five minute Friday

Avila's EEG came back normal. That's great news! Kids are pretty well adjusted back into the school routine. My car is back after a week of using a brand new but smaller car, mama and kids were all happy to have the tank back. We had more rain the last week but it's kept the temperature lower so I'll take the puddles and grey sky, however the humidity can take a hike!!! 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Five minute Friday

School started. Avila had her eeg. Elle and her classmates are all being moved to other classes Monday. My car is headed to the dealership again. It's so Friday. I refuse to complain today, but I'm ready for a couple days of a slower pace, haha right, like that happens with five kids. I'm stoked for hustle, I live a life im so grateful for. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

End of summer

Our last two weeks went by in a blink. School starts Tuesday! Last night we went to drop off school supplies after meeting their teachers at the welcome walk on Wednesday. This will be the first year we have a brand new first year teacher and the first time we have a repeat teacher but for different grades. We are all set for the bell to ring Tuesday morning. Avila had her neuro consultation  yesterday and we are closer to having a conclusion. She will have an EEG next week and possibly one more blood draw and I'll update after that. I feel good about the track we are on and hope we have a conclusion in the next couple weeks.  Elle had a drop off play date yesterday, Blake has swimmers ear, Lyla had shots on Monday and I'm spent! The four biggest had dentist appointments last week and had good reports :) it's been raining for quite a few days which has made it an interesting end to summer break. Lyla is six months old and started cereal and veggies, my baby is closer to one than a newborn :( Last Saturday our family participated in our church's love Austin event and that evening Kenny and went to see Chris Stapleton and Hank Williams Jr. Chris and his wife Morgane are phenomenal, we could have listened to them all night and Hank was exactly as I expected haha. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Five minute Friday

We had more fun with papa and nanny including some time on lake Travis. Lyla was dedicated on Sunday, it was beautiful and perfect! The rest of the week was catch up from all the fun with some sad and tired kids. It's our date night in tonight, yay! And I have a hair appointment tomorrow, ahh. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Five minute Friday

Nanny and Papa are here and we are doing all kinds of fun things. The big girls both got hair cuts yesterday to donate their hair and I'm finally taking the plunge and going to loose some serious inches to donate as well. We celebrated Papa's birthday yesterday and watched the Express lose again! We had some labs done for Avila and they all came back normal so our next step is our appointment with a neurologist in about three weeks. 

Friday, July 22, 2016


I'm It's been a busy, exciting, and fun couple of weeks! Kenny and I "celebrated" our 13th anniversary on the 12th, the kids went to backyard bible clubs, summer fest, Avila had another episode a few days later which meant we cancelled our date night because I was just too nervous about leaving her, and we just got home tonight from a few days at Port Aransas after a quick visit with Grandma Sugar Tuesday morning. We loved beach time and the kids were in heaven. It was a ton of work but worth it for sure. We definitely want to go back! And now after all that excitement, I'm beat and calling it a day super early, for me that would be 9:30/10 pm ;) ahhhh my own bed, but I'll miss the sandy sheets. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

Five minute Friday

It's a sad state of affairs this week in our world. As the news kept us up to date and reports came in last night I just kept thinking this is not good,  things are going to get really bad, this is evil, this is scary, my babies are growing up in a world I fear, what do I do, how do I protect them, I'm so sad for these families, this is terrible, what do we do, how do we pray, why, what's next, what can change, my heart hurts,this is terrifying! All these thoughts in rapid succession.  When I woke up to feed Lyla at three I just prayed and held her for a long time.  This morning the same, maybe a little more defeated feeling because reality sank in. How can this be and how do I not live in fear??? I'm not sure I can turn in the news today but I feel almost obligated to hear more. I can't use the line lives matter because it feels divisive. People are hurting, innocence is lost, and mourning is everywhere. I know I'm not taking this day for granted and holding my babies close in prayer and probably a little closer physically today as well. My brain and heart are overwhelmed, they can't make sense of this week. Looking forward to a brighter morning and today is just heavy. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Five Minute Friday

Lyla started holding things this week and can turn herself on her belly, it's like warp speed with this baby girl. The most exciting thing for the boy is that it's shark week! He knows a ton about sharks already so he is in heaven. He and Elle have made shark week posters and taped them up around the house. He also had a fun dude hang out at Barton creek with his buddy JT that's moving next weekend. We are preparing for some seriously hard good byes. Elle had a baking play date on Monday and went to a skating birthday party Saturday, first time sharing and she loved it.  The three big kids had a daddy date last night. Daddy took the four girls adventuring Sunday while Rylan had his dude time and I got to spend some time at Anthropologie!! I thought the summer would drag but we are already at Fourth of July weekend. That means our biggest plans will be here in no time! 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Five minute Friday

Summer is keeping the kids busy and mama tired. Lots of fun with friends, water, special treats, and more. Kenny and I even got a date night. We started the week celebrating daddy with his favorite things, Lyla got her ears pierced and Elle had her 7 year well check and Avila is starting potty training.